Merry Christmas!

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Well, we haven’t had a blog in quite some time, and I haven’t written a blog in an even longer time, so it’s probably long past due.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I can’t explain how excited I am for Christmas, I just love it! I love pretty much everything about it, from snowmen and reindeer to snowflakes and gingerbread men. My home is decorated in red and green, Santas of varying types, and candy canes galore, and I can’t help but get a smile on my face when I drive through the neighborhoods and see the lights and decorations on everyone’s homes. It just makes me happy and fills me with joy.

Now, all of this stuff is wonderful, but none of it really means much without the final element of Christmas that is present in our home and hearts. JESUS! I know that was probably expected, but it’s true! The incredible, remarkable, miraculous birth of Jesus Christ is the single, most important part of Christmas! It is because of this that we even have Christmas, and that fact can be seen in plenty of the other traditions that go along with it. The gifts we give remind us of the gifts that the wise men gave Christ (symbolizing the fact that He was God, King, and Sacrifice) as well as the ultimate gift that Jesus gave us in His coming, and later death and resurrection. Candy Canes are full of symbolism about Jesus (even if this wasn’t their intended purpose) and remind us of the lowly shepherds who were witness to the birth of the Messiah and the fact that Jesus is the Good Shepherd. The star or angel on our Christmas trees point to the star that shone to announce the birth of the King and the angels that sang jubilant songs (the 1st Christmas Carols) over God’s plan coming true, and speaking of Christmas Carols, they are full of proclamations about the true meaning of Christmas!

So this year, as you are enjoying your Christmas, remember that Jesus truly is the reason for the season, and His majesty is displayed all around, not just in nativity scenes. I encourage you to join us for our Christmas Eve Service as we join together as a church family to worship our Lord, and then join together with your family on Christmas morning, and continue to bring praise to the almighty God of the universe who became a baby, born in a manger, so that through Him you may have the greatest gift on Earth!


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