Go Out Where You Already Are

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Summer is drawing to a close, at least as far as school is concerned (although according to the calendar we still have over a month left), which means that kids everywhere are now stuck going to class everyday, and all you college students, you only have a couple more weeks. For some people this is exciting, they love going to school (or they love that their children are going back to school) and for some people it is awful, they are suddenly stripped of the freedom that summer offers. However, during this time, going back to school, seeing old friends/acquaintances, meeting new people there is an important concept that we as Christians should be remembering.


If you are one of those in the group going back to school, whether that be elementary, middle, high, or college you have a huge opportunity to GO OUT and spread the love and truth of Jesus to those around you. We often think that going out means going on a mission trip, serving at a homeless shelter, being a vocal “street evangelist” or something along those lines. While all of those are ways to GO OUT, they are not the totality of it. In you schools and classes you have huge opportunities to GO OUT. In Matthew, Jesus talks about the sheep and goats, those who clothed Him, fed Him, cared for Him, visited Him and those who did not. The cool/scary thing about this is that Jesus says that we do these things for Him when we do them for those in need that we see everyday, and when we ignore those in need it is the same as ignoring Jesus.

We see people every single day who are in need of something. Maybe it is someone at school who is need of school supplies, or some lunch, or maybe they need help with a class/subject that you are really good at. Maybe it runs deeper than that. Maybe they need a friend, maybe they need love or hope. There are plenty of needs surrounding us everyday, and a huge part of what it means to GO OUT is to keep our eyes open for these needs. We should be looking for an excuse to show God’s love, and that doesn’t always mean to use words.

If you are not in school, you are not off the hook. Everyone of us interacts with people everyday. If you have kids in school you have an opportunity to interact with your kids’ friends and their families, as well as the staff at the school. You also have the opportunity to help teach your children to be watching for opportunities to share God’s love. Finally, every single one of you, regardless of if you have kids or not, have interactions with people, and have opportunities every day to share God’s love, whether through words or actions. Take advantage of those opportunities. GO OUT every day!

Finally, remember, actions speak louder than words. If your actions are telling a different story than your words are, your actions will drown out your words all the time. However, if your actions are speaking the same story as your words are, they will only amplify the things you say and give your words validity. So look for opportunities to let your actions speak of God’s love!

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