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Yesterday, the below testimony was posted by one of our members. It is an awesome reminder of the power of God in our lives. He can take the most broken, beaten down life, us at our worst, and create something new and beautiful in and through us! Something else important in this testimony is the highlighted quote. It was a friend who reminded her that God loved her, would forgive her, and heal her. Friends are so important in our lives, and by the same token, as a friend, you are incredibly important in someone else’s life. We should read this testimony and praise God for who He is and what He does, and we should let it challenge us to reach out to our friends. There are people in your life who may be in the same situation, or something different, but desperately need God. You are in a position to tell them about Him, to invite them to church, to remind them that God loves and heals.

So the challenge here is to step up, step out, and be a light to those you know. You never know what kind of an impact you will make!

“Three years ago today, the best thing that could ever happen to me came into my life. I was broken, lost, lonely, and at the lowest point in my life.

After a night of total stupidity, nearly drinking my self to death with people who said they loved me, and were suppose to be my friends….I started thinking about how much happier I had been when I was younger and had Christ in my life, and how much easier it was when I had a diffrent set of friends and a diffrent life style. I don’t know how or when it realy happened, but I fell away from everything I had grown up with, and all I knew is I missed it, and I hated myself because of what I had done to myself, and to those who realy loved me.

I ran into a friend who reminded me of the fact that no matter what I had done God would forgive me and take me back and heal me of my brokenness.

I longed for it and I bawled and screemed the whole way home asking God to take me back and to forgive me for being so far away from him. I asked him to lead me and guid me to be who he wanted me to be and come back into my life and take control of it. That was a MAJOR turning point in my life, my eyes could see things diffrently, and I could understand certin things better.

There is no way to describe the peace that comes over you, the love you feel, or the forgivness you receve. I truly pray that all my friends and family could experience it, Because there is nothing like it. I still have my battles in life, but I have someone there guiding me and holding me in the process. Life is so much easier now than it was before.”

If you have a testimony you would like to share just let us know. You can email us or post it on Facebook. We would love to hear what God is doing and how He is moving in your life!

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