The Day After

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So you may have noticed that we are still here today. Contrary to what a lot of people had to say, September 23rd was not the rapture, the end of the world, or a cataclysmic day for our world. The reality is that we are here today. Today is much like yesterday. My guess is that tomorrow will be much like today, but in truth I don’t really know. I think that is what lies at the heart of so much of this. We just don’t know. Furthermore it seems like scripture is fairly clear that we won’t and can’t know.

Yesterday I spent the morning at the dentist. Fillings, cleaning, drilling, shots, mouth full of more tools than should be physically possible… all in all, a great way to spend a morning. My wife, Joy, was getting some dental work done at the same time. Nothing says quality time together for a husband and wife like dental hygiene! After all the fun was over, I asked Joy “What if today actually had been our last day on the planet? Would we have really spent our last few hours at the dentist?” There have been a lot of books and movies that talk about the end of day and I don’t think that the dentist is where anyone would want to spend it.

The truth is that we will not know the day and because we cannot know, we should live everyday as if it is the last. This is not an argument for debauchery or “going out with a bang.” It is not an excuse to just do whatever we think with be the most fun. The reality is that it is all about doing what God has called us to do. Everyday in every way, doing what God has for us. The reality and truth is that we should live each day, each breath, each moment in the service of our King.

Think about living life that is without regret! You might think it impossible. You might think that there us no way to live like that. But I say that we can live our lives from this day forward without regret. When we lives our lives in obedience to the calling that God has put on us, they we have no reason for regret. Of course, we sin and often fail to talk in the party that God has laid for us. But when we are simply doing what we should be doing, we are living a life that can be lived without regret.

So whether the end is today, tomorrow or years from now, we can live without regret right now! That starts with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and continues with a conscious desire and effort to live according to His will!

Live Without Regret!

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