Our Mission

X Factor Church exists to engage, encourage, and equip people to become everything that God has called them to be.


The church is called to engage both non-believers and believers alike. Non-believers are to be engaged with the intent of showing them the love of Christ and sharing with them the Gospel. Believers are to be encouraged to grow in their faith through worship, discipleship, and accountability.


The church is called to encourage non-believers and believers. Our outward actions, speech, and attitude can do much to encourage nonbelievers to want to know more about what it means to be a Christian. The church should also encourage believers to be growing in their relationship with God in every way including personal spiritual growth, evangelism, and service.


The church is uniquely positioned and called to help equip non-believers to come to a saving knowledge of Christ. Believers should be equipped by the church to be able to make a defense for what they believe and to use the gifts given to them by God for the benefit of the Church and the Kingdom of God.

Engage. Encourage. Equip.

Our Leaders

Pastor Luke McKinnon, X Factor Church

Luke McKinnon

Pastor & Elder

Luke is the Pastor of X Factor and one of its three Elders. He and his wife Joy started X Factor in 2004 as part of a church plant of Sandia Baptist Church. Together they have two children, Kylee and Talon, two dogs, and several chickens. Luke earned his undergraduate degree in History from New Mexico State University and his Master’s degree in Christian Apologetics from BIOLA. In his spare time Luke enjoys spending time with his family, enjoying the outdoors, shooting, riding his Harley, and cooking copious amounts of meat on his smoker.

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Elder Tom Bailey, X Factor Church


Elder & Men’s Leader

Tom is X Factor’s Men’s Ministry Leader and one of its three Elders. Tom balances his focus between leading, teaching men within the church, and overseeing the short term and long term leadership of the church as a whole alongside Luke and Scott. Tom is married to Sherri Bailey, and has been involved with X Factor since almost the very beginning. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, working out, running (including half marathons and marathons), spending time on his Harley, and collecting Harley shirts from around the world.

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Elder, Pilar, X Factor Church



Pilar is one of X Factor’s three Elders. He and his wife Stephanie have two children. Pilar is an avid Broncos fan, though he would prefer not to talk about this past season. In his free time Pilar enjoys spending time in the mountains, camping, fishing and playing sports with his son Julian. As our newest elder, Pilar has been a huge blessing to the church through his servant heart and his desire to see men become more like Christ in all aspects of their lives. A successful entrepreneur, Pilar is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

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Worship Leader Clay Norris, X Factor Church


Worship Leader

Clay is X Factor’s Worship Leader. Since coming on board during Easter 2014, he’s helped redefine and strengthen our core worship band. In addition to his strong vocals, Clay is an accomplished guitarist, who also teaches the instrument to aspiring students. In his spare time, Clay enjoys spending time with his wife Nicole, hunting, and being an all-around man’s man. Clay is excited about the way God is working through the men and women at X Factor, and is grateful for the opportunity he has to be a part in leading others in worship and admiration of our Lord.

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Media & Communications Director Danny Porter, X Factor Church

Danny Porter

Operations & Communications

Danny is X Factor’s Operations and Communications Director. He is responsible for managing X Factor’s operational, financial, and administrative needs as well as all things digital, including X Factor’s social media presence, web design, email marketing, and video. Danny is married to Morgan Porter. He is an undergraduate student at UNM where he is pursuing a double major in English and Religious Studies. He plans to attend seminary this fall. In his spare time, Danny enjoys rock climbing, reading, and spending time outside with his wife and two dogs.

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Elder Scott Downing, X Factor Church

Scott Downing

Minister to Youth & Families

Scott is X Factor’s Minister to Youth and Families. He is married to his middle school sweetheart, Amanda. Together they have three children, Mallory, Rain, and Zachary. Scott received his Bachelor’s Degree in English and Professional Writing with a minor in Religious Studies from the University of New Mexico. In his spare time, Scott enjoys spending time with his family, engaging in social media, running, and immersing himself in the worlds of Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars (which are apparently are all the same thing now).

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